Programming question

  • Hello all.

    I am from the Netherlands and I'm working in a injection moulding factory.
    We have 2 ABB robots with plasticware and 2 Kuka robots integrated with a KrausMaffei moulding machine.

    I need to extract a moulded piece from the machine and cut the sprue.
    when i teach the sprue cut position the piece is to long on the Kuka and the moulded piece has schrinked 1 mm.
    i have a tolerance of 0.75 mm

    so in a automatic run the cut position varies.

    Is it possible to adjust the Kuka position 0.1 or 1 mm in the y of z axis without the need a touchup so the moulded piece always has the same measurements.

    The ABB has a hotedit page where i can adjust the x y z position when the robot runs.
    Does Kuka also has a option to change this in cycle?

    thank you!

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  • There are a few options here. KUKAs have the VarCor (variable monitor window), where one variable can be monitored and edited if you know the exact name of the variable. There is also the Variable Overview window, where one can create a custom page of variables that can be monitored and edited "on the fly."

    You can find both of these under the Display>Variable menu tree (for KRC4) or Monitor>Variable (for KRC 1&2). You can monitor any variable at any time, however editing values will normally require you to be logged in as Expert.

    If you have more than one point that needs shifting, the best method would be to assign those points to a unique Base frame, and then carry out your shifts on the Base, rather than hand-editing each point.

    Point and Frame-type variables in KRL are defined in individual X,Y,Z,A,B,and C values. Rather than re-type all these values when you only want to change Y or Z, my suggestion would be to use the OverView window to make only those sub-values available, and thus make it easier to alter them (and less likely to invite human error).

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