Maintaining Radii

  • Currently trying to maintain a radius of a circle, but go so specific points on the circle. I need to make 4 arcs in the corners of a square. Is there a way to manipulate my points based on a radius and an angle from the origin? This feels like a basic operation yet it is something I haven't come across until this point, and I am having trouble finding information on this through the forum search or other searches.

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  • If you want to round the corners try using CNT value in range of 10-40. Give it a try.
    For example-
    First jog point
    J P[a] speed% CNT%
    Second jog point
    J P[b] speed% CNT20
    Third jog point
    J P[c] speed% CNT20
    Try this and keep on adjusting the value of CNT and you'll be good.

  • If you're willing to spend some money for a software option then ShapeGeneration would be probably really useful for decorating cakes. Basically it allows you to put any kind of shape and rules for that and then just drive the robot where you want the shape and run a single instruction.

  • great suggestion, I am still looking for a was to get an arc of a circle larger than my square in my corners. I have created a path, and can crudely make it work but it will not be scalable or to a correct radius.

    What I am looking for is a way to set a radius and then travel to a degree of that circle along that circle. I remember this being a function that I could do with Motoman back when we thought that was the way of the world. And I thought I remembered it being a relatively simple function, if anyone has any resources that might point me in the right direction let me know.

  • Accupath was the name of an option that allowed the termination of a move to specify a corner radius in mm. It might go by a different name these days. To see if you have it, go to change the movement termination type, you should see fine, CNT and, if you have the option, CR. This option was for linear or circular motion types. Come to think about it, it might say CD, but same effect, it has been some years.

  • Not long ago I created a python script for testing purposes that given the center, radius of the circle and the number of points (resolution of the path) produced an .ls file to perform the movement;
    if you feel it might be of use I'll share it

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