Two LBRs collaboration

  • Hello all,
    My team is looking for a method to allow communications between two LBRs for collaborative operations. We tried to use IO but the number of ports is limited, therefore, complex collaborative tasks cannot be done. We are considering to use EtherCAT instead, but a LBR is designed to be an EtherCAT master. We are not sure how two masters can be connected to a network. Anyone could share experience would be much appreciated! :merci:

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  • I have done many projets using LBR iiwa, where 2-3 and 4 Robots collaborate to do a task, and I used TCP/IP so far, and it works fine. I put all the robots on the same subnetwork (Beware of IP conflicts as they are by default, so you have to change them), and they communicate just fine.
    Then, it depends on the task you want to achieve, its complexity, data-reliability, etc.

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