Custom models in 4D graphics display?

  • Hi all, is there a way that I could load a custom model (like a .step file) onto an R30iB Mate controller so it can be shown in the 4D graphics display on the pendant? I'd like to load my tool model to make setting up DCS zones easier. It would also be cool to load my cell model, but that's not strictly necessary.

    I don't see anything about doing this in the DCS operator's manual. Is there some other manual I should be looking at here? Thanks!

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  • Okay, create a 4D view of your tool that you want to add into the pendant in your cell browser tree in roboguide. Once you created that double click on it to open and click on the help button in 4D edit window and from there you will get the instructions to load your file into the pendant.
    Just follow the roboguide.

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  • I do this for some of my customers. The 4D edit help menu goes over it pretty nicely.

    Some things to note:
    Try to keep your cad models as light as possible. Too much, and the 4D display runs at like 1 fps.
    Also, keep your cad names short (30 chars or less). Too long of a name will break your ability to backup the robot.

    I had a 100 character name that was loaded onto the robot, but was then considered invalid by the robot's file system, so anytime it got to saving that cad file, the backup would just die. Then getting that file off of the robot was a real pain. I ended up having to mount an image backup in windows, delete it the bad cad file, then reload the image to the robot.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

  • Hello,

    can you explain what is the "4D edit window" and where I can find it, please?

    It is a special menu on pendant that shows you 3D enviroment of controller (robot positions, DCS zones etc). I believe it is a Option R764 "4D Graphics" nad if you have it installed you should see it in "Menu 2 > 4D Graphics". Hope That Helps you.

  • Hello,

    can you explain what is the "4D edit window" and where I can find it, please?

    on roboguide it is in the left tab cell browser near the bottom, 4d edit views. double click, and select synchronize views with controllers, will upload your roboguide view including fixtures, machines, eoats, etc to the virtual teach pendant, you can then export the files from the top menu as well. load the files into your TP and execute the file. 4D viewer addon is req

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