Light curtain wired straight into DCS Card

  • Hi there

    I have the following application - a light curtain is wired straight into my DCS Card.

    How would I cut movement to the robot if the light curtain is broken only if the robot is near this station. To be more specific the robot is picking up and dropping parts at a manual station, the operator is loading items into this station from the opposite direction that the robot is entering from. This way if the operator breaks the light curtain and the robot is in that station, the robot will immediately stop.

    If the light curtain is broken while the robot is in another station (executing another process), movement will NOT stop.

    Would I use a cart position check and a SPI as the disabling input?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • So these are basically the 2 possibilities.
    1. CPC with a "safe outside" zone, disablad by the input from the curtain, as OP has described.
    2. IO Connect with a desired SSI signal being evaluated as "CPC Safe" OR "Curtain OK", as mentioned by skalactik. In this case, the CPC zone should have the stop type set to "not stop".

    Personally, I would go for the first option, as it seems neater for me.

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