OLP load to Robot

  • Hello all,
    We have a project with Fanuc robots with R30iB S_CUBE. With siemens proces simulate we are preparing the cell simulation.
    Does somebody have experiance with loading generated olp program from process simulate to real robot controller? :help:
    1. Do you use Ascii Program Loader? ( Is this program already instaled on the robot in the factory or you can install it later?)
    2. Mybe there is some way that you convert the simulation made in process simulate to Fanuc simulation softwate and ten to the robot?

    thank you for help

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  • I don't know what the Siemens stuff is, but are you getting a .TP file out? Or a .LS file? ASCII UPLOAD option is what I use to load an .LS. A .TP file can be loaded directly without any option. The ASCII UPLOAD option is typically $500 per robot. Looks like maybe a newer version of the same thing is "R796 ASCII Program Loader," but I don't know what the difference is between the two. I presume it is the newest way to automatically translate a .LS file to .TP at upload time.

    (Be aware that if a program is selected for editing, or it is being run or is in paused mode, an upload of a program with the same name will fail.)

    - Jay

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  • Besides RoboGuide itself, all other simulation tools, PS included, output .ls files only.

    So, Your robot need to have the ASCII upload option to receive the OLPs, or you can go through the cumbersome method, and convert the Process Simulate generated .ls file to .tp inside RoboGuide and after upload the .tp program in the robot.

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