Setting the karel uframe = mnuframe

  • I am trying to set my karel frame along with an xyzwpr variable (kuframe) to be equal to the user frame 1 of my teach pendant (tp).

    In my karel program i have something like the following:

    Begin rCurPos
    $UFRAME = $MNUFRAME[1,1]
    kuframe = $UFRAME

    But when i goto view the karel vars within the data section on the tp, kuframe is simply equal to zero, where as i would expect it to be equal to whatever is in my tp user frame 1. Are there any system variables i need to modify to read/write frame data between karel and the tp? It seems that my karel user frame is not being updated from the tp system frame, which is why my kuframe has all zeros.. Thoughts?! ???

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  • I just made a test Karel program because it seemed like what you wrote should have worked. My test program below works compiled on v7.40-1. Maybe you'll see some difference that will help you. Make sure you are looking at the Karel Posns and not Karel Vars.

    PROGRAM putool
    %COMMENT = 'UTOOLility'

    ttt : XYZWPR

    -- Main Program Logic


    $UFRAME = $MNUFRAME[1,1]
    ttt = $UFRAME

    END putool

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