How to select PNS with PLC

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    I have created a new program on a robot cell we have on-site. When this program is to run I want to send a 24v Digital output from the PLC to the Robot panel and then call the program from PNS002. I am unsure on where to wire the output from the PLC to the robot controller. Do I wire it to one of the FANUC DI? Are certain inputs reserved for PNS?

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  • It would depend on how the PNS signals are mapped on the robot side.

    Assuming they are mapped to a DI board, you would just wire it one above (index wise) where your PNS001 signal comes in.

    Then in order to run PNS002, you would keep that signal high, your PNS001 signal low, send the read in signal to get it to set that program active, then send the start signal to actually start the program.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

  • As a completion to what the above person said:
    PNS outputs you can set in MENU -> I/O -> UOP -> CONFIG. UI 9-16 are assigned for the PNS group bits, but they themselves can be mapped anywhere on the DI inputs via the aforementioned path.

    Hope that helps.

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