IRB 6400 m97a software problem

  • So, back again. Same machine, different problem. I was one day from finally commissioning this robot and came in this morning to finish tool alignment with removal of the casting from a machine.

    On the screen was a 38034 error. So, I looked over the cables really well, changed the serial measurement board and the main computer as that is what the error code calls out for.

    Whenever I power the unit back on, the screen and the led lights on the a81 board flash on and off for awhile and then finally come on and stay on.

    Since the disks need to be installed again, which I have because I just purchased them. It asks for the system key disk. BUT, after installing the disk and pressing any button the drive light comes on, but nothing else happens.

    I was supposed to start the cell tomorrow. Guess not happening

    Thanks for any help


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  • Do not use the original disks, always make a set of working copies. Archive the originals and then store them in a safe location away from magnetic fields.

    Try copying the Key disk to another empty floppy disk and try again.
    Try another floppy drive, perhaps this one is not reading the disk.

    Regarding the 38034 error, I always replace the robot-to-controller SMB cable before replacing the Robot Computer Board.

  • Ok, back from a much needed vacation and after several calls with abb and making a new set of complete disks, was able to get back to the 38034 error. I notices that when first powering up the machine, the screen and a81 board flash on and off like it is having a low voltage issue until it finally “catches” and then the system boots up. I have never seen this on my other robots and wondering if maybe could be root of problem.

    OTOH, my robot was purchased used and the main cable where plugs into cabinet base there was a short and the connector melted and the pins came loose in the socket. The previous owner just ran the wires through the pin holes into the connector on the cable.

    Was nice finding that.....

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  • Sorry i missed this earlier but you said you changed the Main Computer? Should have been the Axis Computer.
    The data travels between the SMB & the Robot Computer consisting of these 7 things: Robot Computer > Backplane > cable to XS2 on side of the controller > SM cable to the robot > base cable harness in robot > SMB.
    Besisdes one of those 7 things, there are the connections between each of them and the need to have proper shielding and grounds. The 24VDC at the SMB should be over 22.5V.

  • Guys,
    The problem ended up being lack of power to the smb. When production was setting up the tooling in the machine the robot will extract from, they dropped a large steel piece on the cable. I had an extra cable. Should be back in business tomorrow if I get the chance to finish up some stuff. If not tomorrow, Wednesday.

    Thanks again to all


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