arc enable enabled through teach pendant

  • I want to enable the weld when the teach pendant is turned off. I have operators turning the weld off to manually run through the program and then forget to turn it back on. What steps can I do to fix this issue.

    Thanks in advance!

    100ic Fanuc arm

  • The teach pendant does not have to be turned on to enable the weld, just hold shift and hit weld enable. You dont have to turn it on to get to 100% either.
    I tell the operators to never turn the teach pendant on, It is also in our work instructions for operators. Operators with the teach pendant on can cause some terrible things.

  • try to make BG Logic operation.... use this system variable to make this happen $AWEPOR[1].$ARC_ENABLE, if the value is 1 ARC is enabled.. just make program by this kind of logic, if the tp is turned off the above variable should turned as 1


    $AWEPOR[1].$ARC_ENABLE=(!SO[7:TP enabled]) ;

    Thanks regards<br />Vipin..

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  • If anyone is curious, this is what I came up with to run in my BG Logic...

    1: IF (SO[7:TP enabled]=OFF) THEN
    2: $AWEPOR[1].$ARC_ENABLE=1
    3: ENDIF

    I can enable/disable my weld when the teach pendant is on. If my weld is disabled and I turn the teach pendant off, the weld will instantly turn the weld back on. The same can be applied to speed as well when using that variable too. This can be added too with a little tweaking to fit your personal setup.

    Something simple but it helps...

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