Chain 2 abnormal error

  • New to robotics and i came across an error that i cant fix and im not entirely sure how to go about it. ive tried to look it up but i couldnt find a lot about it.
    the error code says SRVO-231 Chain 2 (0v) abnormal
    Thanks for the help in advance.

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  • Also you can check Menu/system/config there is an option, "reset chain failure" or something like that.Set it to "true" and quickly press shift+reset.(quickly because it turns off almost immediately) it is possible you need to restart the controller.

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  • first of all you should find reason why this error occured. chain errors are in most cases safety related - robot has dual channel safety circuits, It means that both signals(24V and 0V) for one signal(fence, emg stop...) must be in same state (both ON or both OFF), otherwise this error is posted. I recommend to solve these troubles before resetting.


  • Hi,

    Like Tomas Kabourek said you should indeed first solve the problem before resetting the abnormality. I've had the same error in the past and it was because i blew a fuse on the emergency stop board (Fuse 4 i think it was on a R30iB controller), in my case it was caused by a faulty external e-stop connection.
    After you've solved the problem there is a chance the error still comes up in which case you can reset (menu, alarm, F4 for res-1ch, F4 again for yes, then the reset button).

  • This error also occurs quite often because of Deadman Switches being accidentally pressed in a way that only one contact of the pair is connected. Try clicking the DS quickly - the error will probably occur after a few seconds...

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