Memory upgrade

  • I want to upgrade my KRC2 controller memory to full 3x 512mb chips, and would appreciate your input on memory quality and reiability... other than KUKA's.

    My KRC2 is a 2004 with SOYO PCI MBd and handles PC133 memory.

    Another question of interest: Since KUKA VX is so sensitive as real time OS, why we are not using ECC memory instead ? Any experiences ?

    Thanks a lot.

  • You can use other memory brand than Kuka offer but all three to be from same manufacturer, same type.
    Before that is well to make a copy of your harddisk for any unexpected crash that could occur. I changed memories to a kuka KRC2 KR 210 and work fine, not genuine from Kuka.

  • It's not the speed that's as critical as the consistency. Consumer-grade RAM is fast enough (indeed, the entire KSS core could probably run on a 386-DX processor), but tends to have certain memory locations that aren't quite up to the minimum -- like trying to drive on a tire with a flat spot. A non-realtime OS like Windows can wait for all the memory accesses to finish, but KSS can't, because the cyclic task switching has to occur on a fixed schedule, no exceptions.

    So ECC RAM isn't required, just very high-quality "normal" RAM.

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