controller wont shutdown

  • Well i had a strange problem this morning, I had a communication fault with the drives for axis 5 and 6. This is a problem i am stil working on. For now the solution is rebooting the controller and everything is well again. This morning however when i turned off the power and waited for the pc to shutdown nothing seemed to happen. I got the message for the power loss en the message for the ESC not working which are logical because there is no power.
    I could stil use the PC side which is running from the battery at that point. Please correct me if i am wrong but in my memory after the main switch is turned of the KCP would still display the screen but none of buttons work anymore basically because the PC is or should be shutting down.
    Anyone any guess what is happening here? or does anybody know a way to manually save axis positions and shutdown?
    In the end i just unplugged power directly from the pc to shutdown and reboot, result was that i had to remaster but after that everything worked fine again.

    Robot: KR150L180
    Control: VKRC2 running standard krc software kss4.97

    Every problem has a solution, that isn't the problem. The problem is the solution.

  • I probably can shutdown through windows if i can get to it, but i don't think the axis positions will be saved then so i would still have to remaster. I will check it tonight when i have to shut everything down.

    Every problem has a solution, that isn't the problem. The problem is the solution.

  • A Windows shutdown should retain mastering, although KSS 4.x might be old enough not to -- I know KSS 5.x had no issues.

    Normally if you perform a Windows shutdown, the controller reboots instead of actually shutting off. I'm wondering if you kill main power first, then perform a Windows shutdown, if the controller will shut off instead of rebooting. It's a hacky fix, but it might help you get by until you can find the root cause.

  • Well i am a few days further and the next time i tried to shut the robot down it went without any problems so i am more confused then is was before :icon_confused:.
    The thing is that we have been getting a lot faults about communication loss between drives and i think that they are connected somehow. I already switch the KPS and the communication wires without success. the only thing i can think of now is switching the communication card in the PC.

    Sooner or later i am going to find out what is going wrong :uglyhammer2:

    Every problem has a solution, that isn't the problem. The problem is the solution.

  • Yes shutting thru Win keeps your mastering fine.

    What I do safely:
    1) Safety Stop on KCP (very important when I got Communication errors)
    2) Shut down thru windows, select Cold, Warm or Hibernate
    3) Switch OFF

    This has been the best for me.
    Win XPe 2.2 KSS 5.6.10

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