Tool Center Point Rotation Issue

  • I have a Fanuc LR Mate 200iD with a R30-iB Controller and HandlingTool software. I am using the robot with a pneumatic gripper to adjust the aim of a plastic water nozzle.

    I am having trouble with the motion of my Tool Center Point about the Tool Frame that I designate. I have made sure that my Tool Frame has been properly offset from the default Tool Frame at the end of the robot arm. The values of X,Y,Z,W,P,and R have been thoroughly checked to make sure that the center point of action for the physical tooling matches the CAD files and vice versa.

    However, when the values are entered for Tool Frame 1, the robot seems to be slightly rotating around the wrong center point, making the aim of the nozzles inconsistent.

    Is there a way to recalibrate or remaster the default Tool Frame position so I know that all of my Tool Frames are based off of a reliable starting point?
    Has anyone anyone experienced trouble with TCP motion?

    Dylan Frazer

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  • I had the same issue.

    There are small (or, depending on the mechanical parts, big) variations between the theorical TCP on the CAD and the real TCP.
    I had to measure the tool on a CMM to be sure to put the correct values in the tool frame.

  • You should try the 3 point or 6 point methods and see if that gives you the required accuracy. If you use 3 point, you will loose the 90 degree R value, but you can add it back in by doing 3 point first then switching to direct entry and modifying only the R value.

    I agree with what CPh said, your direct entry from cad model is never going to be "perfect" based on machining tolerances, but in many applications is "good enough". If you need more accuracy that what the 3 or 6 point methods can achieve then you need to use a precision measurement device.

  • @ HawkMe and CPh

    I have it rotating correctly now, thank you. I used both measuring techniques of the tooling and the 3 point method to hone in the correct center point.

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