Security mode change when switching operation mode.

  • Hi,
    I have annoying problem connected to switching operation mode from REMOTE to TEACH and backwards.
    Everytime when i'm changing that mode and try to change something i need to type password for security mode(EDIT\MANAGEMENT\SAFETY) because robot is in OPERATION security mode.
    If i remember it correct there is a way to disable that switching. Is it a parameter or it's somewhere in setup?(DX200) Thank's for help.

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  • Hi again.
    I'm still struggling with that.
    Only thing related to problem I found is "S2C195: SECURITY MODE WHEN CONTROL POWER SUPPLY IS TURNED ON" but as description says, by this parameter I can set only with which security level robot starts, when power is turned from OFF to ON state.
    I'm looking for something related to switching operation mode on TP by key. From TEACH to REMOTE and backwards. Right now when i'm turning key, security mode change automatically. I'd like to disable this.

    Looking forward for response :)

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