2018/2019 Career planning: learning robotics simulation and API integration

  • Hello Community,

    I decided to start learning industrial robotics and coding and the community might be able to help. My background is in mechanical design and manufacturing.

    During 2018 I will focus learning industrial robots and some API integration in my spare time (like 300-400 hours in one year), all this with the sole propose to build the skills to start my own business around 2020. Industrial robots are amazing to prototype technologies.

    I found few potential paths, please advise me here if I'm wrong:

    1. RoboDK + RoboDK API (Python)
    I like RoboDK, very easy to use, integrates machining and the best open source 3D printing slicer (FDM).

    2. ABB RobotStudio + RoboStudio SDK (C#)
    Tons of tools.
    Note: I don't know if the free basic license will be useful to learn how to simulate and create add-ins for specific functionality with my code.

    3. Ros Industrial + C++
    Note: never try it, but willing to move to Linux on a virtual machine. :hammer1:

    Please keep in mind that there are several other simulation/robot-programming software out there, but I'm focusing on a platform that will let me learn with a free license and let me experiment with my own code. Please feel free to add other platforms that fulfill these requirements.

    Let's start the conversation,

    Josue Vivas

  • Josue:

    The path of the Robotics is long and requires a lot of study, I will make some clarifications that you should know:

    1. Robostudio only works with ABB Robots.
    2. RoboDk is good but it is development software, very good. The free version is not complete, to manage it well you have to buy it.
    3. Ros Industrial is a development platform, it is excellent, remember that it is a complement you must be familiar with in Robotics. its learning curve is long.

    In my opinion very quickly you can working with RoboDK, Ros is tediously long and requires resources of Computation, especially the RVIZ. But it is an excellent way.

    I have 3 months studying (Ros).

  • Hello Carlos,

    Indeed that it's steep. The fact that you can program different Robot brands it's why I chose RoboDK. ROS seems to be hard to digest, to be honest, I tried and they need a team of 1000 UX designers.

    Interestingly, one thing is coding in Python and another is Coding specifically for a RoboDK integration.
    I had to concentrate in learning to use RoboDK before focusing on Python code for applications.

    So far I've been sharing few tips in here:

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