Safety speed limit in 1 direction only?

  • I have a robot cell with 2 manual loading/unloading stations, when the robot is in these locations I have it speed limited to reduce stopping time and light curtain distance.

    Is it possible to set these limits to only effect robot travel outward? I have been asked to find 3 more seconds of cycle time and that would get me there.

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  • Hi

    I don't want to burst your bubble but stopping distance is not calculated based on your programmed speed.
    It's calculated based on fastest speeds given to you by Motoman. Call you Motoman representative to get that chart
    Also the stopping distance is related (In your case) to the response of your light curtain which again you should have it from the manufacturer manual

    I would really considering using FSU.

    Retired but still helping

  • This question is with regards to an FSU installation. And using the SAFETY speed limit function as posted in the title.

    But I know from RIA conference a few weeks ago that using the speed limit function only while the robot is approaching the hazard is allowable, but I do not know how to implement it

  • This is not a collaborative robot. Motoman collaborative robots have not been certified yet and cannot be shipped yet. When the collaborative robots are out in the market the sensing features built into the robot have been certified to slow the robot down to a speed that will not harm a person if the arm happens to hit them. The engineer who does the pre-start certification can use that data to determine the safe stopping distance and therefore the distance a light curtain can be placed away from the arm.

    Current robots do not have a certified safety speed (the signal is only single channel), no data is given by Yaskawa/Motoman as to the stopping time of an arm in this mode, therefore the pre-start engineer can only go by the full speed stopping time to determine the minimum safe distance.


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