Robot on Rail Positive Direction

  • The mech designer chose the robot orientation based on cable direction, but the workcell positive X is facing in the Robot World negative X. I would like the axis 7 positive direction to be moving down the rail, which is toward the back of the robot in this case. I changed the Motion Sign in the Extended Axis configuration, but that did nothing. The only way that works in the sim is to set the J7 axis to Negative. Then the robot and 7th axis are in sync, but J7 positive is toward the back end of the rail, and I want to swap it.

    Is this a Sim issue that I would be able to fix in the real world with the Motion Sign setting in the Extended Axis configuration, and in the Sim I just need to swap the link motor to face the other way?


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  • Of course, swapping the link the other way is no different than setting the Negative flag in properties, so that didn't work. Still wondering if there is a way to swap my Joint 7 polarity in the sim. I

    But I'm just going to swap my real-world plans around to match what the sim is giving me. :hmmm:

    - Jay

  • You will need to Controlled Start the robot and go into the Extended Axis Setting.
    Change the Master Position to the same value as the Upper Limit. The External Axis will still be mastered at the Zero position.
    With everything at Zero re master and calibrate the robot and the direction should flip for you.

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