more fluid movement

  • Hey all together,

    following situation: I should change the speed of some points in a program of an fanuc R2000 with 6 axis+ one 4 meter linear axis.
    My question is, which factors affects the way how "smooth" or "fluid" move the robot in a program?

    actually the points are in the program:

    J P1 35% CNT 100
    J P2 35% CNT 100
    L P3 250 mm/sec CNT 100
    L P4 300 mm/sec CNT 100
    L P5 300 mm/sec FINE
    L P6 100 mm/sec FINE

    Is it the speed? or the kind of movement? or the CNT/Fine change? what could be the reason that the robot does not move fluid?

    Thanks for answers, and yes: I am new in fanuc robot programming...

  • The higher the CNT, the more "rounding" or smooth the path will be.

    The Fine moves will make the robot pause at that point.

    Joint will take the path easiest for the robot.

    Linear will take the shortest path.

    Here is where I would start.

    I would change the fine moves to a CNT of either 0 or 1. This will allow the robot to go to that point, and not pause. This may smooth out your movements.

  • As he said, in this case, I only think you should change the P5 to CNT, and use less linear moves, if possible.

    Long story short, greater the number of CNT points (instead fine), greater the numbers that follow the CNT points, greater the number of joint moves, AS POSSIBLE (avoiding colisions), more fluid is the movement.

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