R30iB external E stop

  • Hello,

    I am working on an application in which my robot (a Fanuc LRMate 200iD) is controlled by a PLC (via IO signals send to the R30iB mate controller). I want to send an E stop signal to the robot via my PLC.

    Since the external E stop uses a Normally Closed 24VDC signal i hoped that simply connecting pin EES11 and EES21 to an output pin on my PLC (also 24VDC) would do the trick. By having the pin being always on (except if i want to E stop the robot) the robot can run, when the pin goes low (when i want to E stop the robot or the PLC goes into E stop) the robot will stop. Apparently this doesn't work (or i did something wrong) seeing as i blew a fuse when trying this.

    So my question is as follows; is it possible to use my PLC to give the robot an E stop signal?

  • Sergei Troizky,

    First of all thank you.
    Secondly, do you mean that one channel must be Normal Open and the other channel Normal Closed. And if so which one is NO and which NC (EES1-11 of EES2-21)?


    And be aware, that human safety cannot be implemented by software, unless it is a "Safety PLC".

    thank you for the advise, the external E stop connected to the PLC will be used as an extra safety measure, the other E stops are still within arms reach.

  • You need to wire it as shown in the diagram. Using PLC outputs is not acceptable if not a safety PLC.

    All you have to do is add contactors that close the circuits when safe. The Estop is NC but the contactors will be NO. That way it will fail safe if the safety circuit looses power.

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  • Sergei is rigth but why e stop when you have the HOLD input by UI. Then you dont have to reset after e stop

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    The Hold signal (UI[2]) is not considered as a safety signal.
    if you lost the Hold signal momentarily, and received again, you can restart the execution program without a Reset signal.
    But if the emergency contacts are open momentarily, you will get the "External E-stop" alarm, and the controller MUST be reseted in order to restart the execution of programs

  • Sergei is rigth but why e stop when you have the HOLD input by UI. Then you dont have to reset after e stop

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    Like rafahil said the hold signal is not a safety signal and although the PLC e stop will not be the only e stop available, it will be the one most commonly used (it's a testing environment so from time to time the e stop will be necessary) because during normal operation there will be no one standing near the application to press an e stop and the closest person will be the PLC operator (sitting behind a computer).

    thank you all for the help i will be looking into connecting the e stop via a contactor.

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