Running out of memory

  • Hi

    Somewhy I have some deleted jobs stored in the DX200 memory. I only see them when I'm making a backup onto USB. They are all named _DELXXX (XXX being a number) and they are all macro jobs. I want to erase them from the robot hoping to free up some memory but I can't locate them. As I said I can only see them when making backups. Any suggestions?

    Also - if I put a CF card into the pendant, can I then use somekind of command in a job to load specific jobs from the CF to the robot? I tested that DELETEJ does delete a specific job, does LOADJ then load it or what is it for?

    I'm also open to other ideas to free up some memory. I have a lot of free steps but memory itself is running out as I have a lot of arithmetics in use.

    I did talk to local Yaskawa representative and they said that internal memory can be expanded but it seems it'll take some time til they come and do it.

  • Go in management mode.
    Under JOB you can find a TRASH JOB LIST button, maybe you can find your ghost job.

    it seems that you have habilitated the undelete function, so each change that you will do to a job will be registered ni a temporary job and saved.

  • search for Motodci. that will help you to load and delete jobs using a hard disk of a computer connected through etherent

  • I have gone through all job lists, including trash job list. Thrash job list would be logical but it doesn't hold macro jobs. I turned undelete function off as soon as I found the ghost jobs as I've never used it anyway.
    I'm using folder and yes I've looked into them all.
    The robot is not connected via ethernet.

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