Native CrossComm communication with robot controller

  • Hello robot people!

    I've been working on a solution to natively communicate with the robot controller without the KUKAVARPROXY bridge and finally figured out how to do it.

    I'll develop a CrossComm interface component which will allows an application to natively communicate with the controller without the overhead and latency of the TCP communication needed with KUKAVARPROXY.

    Is anyone interested in the thing?


  • M.Ozkan, the point here is to allow NATIVE communication between an application running on the controller and the controller.
    There are no bridges or plugins needed for an app to communicate with the controller, just the right calls to the functions altrady made available by the CrossComm service.


  • diglo

    Thanks for your comment. We are developing and using CrossComm interface on too many robots but I mean CrossComm running on Windows base and does not meet realtime specifications. Yes it communicate directly to VxWin and faster then kuka gateway etc. If you don't need realtime you can use safely.

  • The native interface is limited. you could not call it in remote device. But if using remote interface, you also call it in the local host.
    Besides, you have to consider how integrate your app GUI into the SmartHMI.

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