Huanyang VFD’s query?

  • HI guys and girls.

    Just after a bit of advise? So origionally we bought a HY04D023B VFD with mathcing 4Kw Spindle.

    not realising this model was a 3PH ac220, our system, in the UK, is 3ph 400vac and kinda killed the VFD (was interesting seeing the inside of capacitors).

    so a new VFD was ordered a HY04D043B rated to out 3PH 400vac and suitable for the 4KW spindle, my question is, the spindle is rated to 220V, am i able to step down the output power in the new VFD to acomodate the spindle or will i have to get a new spindle to match the 400VAC VFD? i cannont find any information anywere about being able to do this but the unit we bought said it had a variable output.

    hope that all makes sense, and sorry if it’s in the wrong section.


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