Roboguide Iges Importing Issue

  • Hey guys when I am exporting iges files form solidworks and importing them as a tool, part, or machine into roboguide I often have issue with files that are larger. The fanuc Iges converter freezes up, even if I let it run all night. Small files work fine, it seems to either come in right away or it doesn't work. I am running on a high performance PC. File Sizes from 400mb to 750mb. Do you guys have any suggestions for how to help avoid this issue or maybe a different way I should be exporting my files?


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  • I experience the same issue and as far as i know this is a flaw of Roboguide. The best solution I have is to simplify the geometry of the cad file before exporting to iges.

    I think they choose poorly when making iges the import file type. It does not have the performance level you would expect from a very expensive piece of software from the largest robotics company in the world.

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  • I think something to keep in mind is that it's rarely really necessary to import cad files with every bolt and washer in there at 100% detail.

    Especially when exporting models from tools like SolidWorks or Pro/Engineer you can end up with really ridiculously large IGS files. These tools tend to go overboard when exporting models with lots of curves, and lowering detail a little can help a lot, and will most likely not influence the 'correctness' of your RoboGuide simulation.

  • I've noticed much better results from using the .STEP format over the .IGES or .STL formats; including a much lighter use of GPU Resources.

    Step would be nice, but RoboGuide does not allow the use of step files. Are you using a different software?

    Here is direct from RoboGuide "PRO software utilizes IGES import as its preferred method to get CAD information into PRO Software.....PRO Software also support STL (.stl), COLLADA (.dae), OBJ (.obj), VRML (.wrl, .vrml), RWX (.rwx), 3DS (.3ds) and DXF (.dxf) format."

  • This is constantly a struggle, even after stripping our machines right down to just frames we are still in the neighborhood of 350mb, which is most cases wont import. I have to break it into a bunch of pieces and put it back together it literally takes me hours. Especially when we make a simulation to show a customer and it has to " look nice "

  • Export each part in your assembly as IGES/STL then load everything in Roboguide using the "Multiples CAD files" option to recreate the correct assembly. The loading process will take less time.
    To use the assembly as a tool part, you can either convert it to .csb from Roboguide and then import it as tool CAD or use an empty tool and use the assembly as a part for that tool.

  • I am not sure where this multiple cad files button is? I seem to have much better success with STL files, however they dont retain cad, being able to drop them all in with a multiple cad type setup where I can show and hide them would be excellent.

  • Back onto another project, back to the same issues. Freezing up importing an iges file and when I am importing a stl file it is either crashing or it finishes, but when it is asking me for the position their is no geometry at all. Do you guys have suggestions. I cant get any cad in.

  • As with everyone else, my best experiences has been with .STL. The only downside is lower quality (so no edges, corners, etc. to pick up on) and no colors. Colors isn't a BIG deal, but if you have complex tooling it's nice to have those colors in there to differentiate between clamps, bodies, brackets, etc.

    You can use the "polygon reduction tool" located in the roboguide folder, this tool can reduce the size of the file significantly.

    Huh, I talked to a guy from one of my company's sister companies and he mentioned this tool, but he had no idea where it came from...Now I have a lead to where I may be able to find it! Thanks Lootr, I'll be lookin' for it. I would like to use a more detailed CAD format if possible (again).

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