Mastering problem

  • Hello,

    I got a really intresting problem here. I got an old KRC2 (reuse) [KR2210; KSS Version: V4.1.7 SP09 MB4.00.01].

    The problem is that, every day we got 3-4 stops because the Robot drop's the "Mastering".

    We tried to separate the cables in the cableconduit, so then the high voltage cabel won't make disturbence. No success. We built in Ferrite rings, but still the problem unsolved. As last try we made electric noise filtering, by correlation Technik (we ask an external company), but we got nothing usefull as a result.

    Any hint what could it be?

    (PS: I attach the generated DSE-RDW tool log, and an arhive)

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  • What's the history of this robot? Was it working well for some time before this started happening, or has it been doing this since you first installed it?

    When this failure occurs, please record all the error messages before clearing any of them, and pass them over. Often, "losing Mastering" is a side effect of another fault.

    What is this robot doing? Material handling? Welding? Are there any high-voltage tools attached, or any nearby machines that might generate large amounts of electrical noise?

    Are there any common factors to when the robot loses mastering? I mean, for example, if the robot was running an arc welder, does the failure occur only when the robot is welding? Or whenever the robot is moving? If you set up the robot with a program to just move around and let it run for hours, does the failure still occur?

    I suggest examining the routing of your encoder cable from the KRC2 to the robot base. If it lies along any high-voltage, high-current cables, sometimes the EMI can cause this type of error. Although usually this also requires that something be poorly grounded as well. To test this, you can temporarily run the encoder cable across the floor, keeping it away from any other cables, and run for a while to see if this has any effect on the error.

  • Thank you all for the fast answers.

    panic mode:
    The drop means lost then, and all axis. Sometimes just A3-A6 but most common all axis.

    Yes, the earth bond is correct even we called KUKA GMBH and they came to approved it.

    The history is simple 15 years worked in Sindelfingen, 6 In Kecskemét and now this problem occures. Till this time (it means 3 months ago) it worked well.
    Got no other message, just the mastering lose, and the motion enable stop message.
    This robot is a handling robot, and not even overloaded. 3 welders, and a glueing station next to this robot.
    Not yet gotten any common factor, once even came this problem, when we got back from lunch pause, and the robot lose mastering in his standing state.

    Thanks for the encoder check, we will try that. maybe the other 3 welders do some problem.

    We will start to separate this robot from the welders, or maybe we change the robotbox with another from another line. Who knows, maybe this problem will disappear on that line, and the place got some kind of "static disturbance".

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