Interrupt in Motion

  • Hello to all, sorry for my bad english...

    I have a problem using an interrupt.
    On the robot I have a system of anti-collision, if It intervene, I must stop and go backward.
    This is the function:

    So i have an other function, in another file .src:

    When my input 27 goes to 1 then the robot goes wrong and tells me that there is a programming error. I release the interrupt while the robot is moving, I tried to add the BRAKE and RESUME instructions, but without success.

    Do you have any idea?

    Thanks a lot in advance and if there are some unclear points tell me as well. Thanks again

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  • Programming error? WHAT programming error, SPECIFICALLY? Does the error occur during compilation, or execution?

    First thing to do, is remove everything from RoadAfterCollision() from the ;FOLD INI to ;ENDFOLD (INI). You don't want that stuff in an interrupt-called program.

    Interrupt routines cannot end with RETURN.

    BRAKE and INTERRUPT OFF 4 should be at the top of the interrupt routine. RESUME should be at the end.

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