Run XML with Sunrise?

  • Hello,

    I am currently setting up an iiwa 7 with sunrise OS 1.11. Everything is looking good so far, jogging works fine and the test programs run in T1. Network connection is set up via X66. I also installed Sunrise Workbench and made sense of AMF PSM and PSM and how to synchronize the Project.

    Now I am asking myself how to make a Robot Application out of an *.xml file that was generated by another software (kuka|p rc) . Can someone post a general workflow how to proceed with the data? Do I need to parse the *.xml in the java code?

    Help is very much appreciated

  • AD
  • the program actually generates an xml that is similar to the RoboticsAPIData.
    How do I get this running since it's not an exececutable robot application that can be started with the play buton on the smart pad?

  • razzo
    no. I want to run this code with a sunrise robot:

  • there were some classes missing to run the code.
    It's now fixed and up and running.

    Thanks anyway for your effort - won't be the last time I have questions ;)

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