• I need help in figuring out why I keep getting major alarm number 1632 that gives the message "F-SAFE MUTUAL DIAG. ERR.(MONITOR)? I am seeing it once or twice a day but only during a specific shift. I am wondering what causes this error. It is on an NX100 controller and it happens at different times when the robot program is running. it happens while the robot welding program is running, and other times it happens when the table sweep program is running. Could this be caused by a faulty safety relay, or an operator breaking the light curtain during the table sweep? I have looked in the error code table in the user manual and I can't even find this error code, so any help would be appreciated.

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  • Data inconsistency occurred in the duplicated monitoring by the safety unit.
    This alarm occurs when an error was detected in one of the CPUs.

    Sounds like the 2 safety channels are not "Making or Breaking" within the specified allowable time....
    Basically both channels are not the same

    Oh, well

  • There is a FD parameter to avoid that FSU alarm, contact your Yaskawa representative since you will need Yaskawa pass, Meanwhile, a quick solution to avoid the alarm is to reduce the robot speed (MOVJ) to 70% where the alarm is happening. Also check the power supplied to the robot controller if voltage drops this alarm will occur too. :hi-bye:

    Hero for fun, I'll help you when I'm bored.

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