Powermill 2018 Collision Issues

  • Looking for some advice from the community on how to handle some collision issues that we are seeing were working with a Kuka KR150 Robot with a Milling spindle on the end of it.

    How do we make sure that all collision checking is turned on. We have had collisions with our foam block during finishing passes but when doing simulations it shows everything as being fine.

    This could be related but it seems also like powermill doesnt care about the entire tool for collision checking and only the actual robot itself. How do we make sure that when its doing its collision checking its only using the actual cutting part of the tool and not going beyond that and using the entire length of the bit plus the holder.

    Last question is there anyway to have it actually check for collisions during the transitions between toolpaths, or when it returns to its home position at the end of a program.

    Appreciate any feedback I can get.

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