• Hi -

    I've been asked about what tools are required to grease a robot. Can anyone share their experience and what they typically use to do a good job. What grease zerks are needed?

    Do you use anything for the outlet?


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  • What robot model? What controller? There is a whole procedure and list of tools to perform this job in the Fanuc E-Doc.

    Since I started using robots in 2001, I have NEVER USED A PNEUMATIC gun. In fact, until recently, Fanuc even recommended using a manual gun. Recently they said a pneumatic gun is ok to use. With a max pressure of 0.15Mpa! Which isn't much.

    What I do on the output side is use a tube of some sort, or a scrap piece of metal, etc to catch the old grease. I have also just put some paper towels or rags to catch the grease.

  • Use a vacuum. It makes clean up easy. pdl is right on, a bucket vac is best. I use a pneumatic pump with a regulator set to about 20psi.
    I have SMC fittings (6mm x 1/4 and 1/8" pipe x 1/4) that I screw into the grease inlets and then I connect a 1/4" hose from the grease gun to the SMC fitting. I put a ty-wrap around the trigger and let her rip. Then I can stand there with the vacuum and catch the old grease.
    On robots where the axis is vertical, like axis 2 and 3 on an R2000 or M410i, I suck the grease out first.

  • Same. I like to use duct tape to cover screw heads when letting grease drip down a wrist into a bucket, under a leaky fitting or anywhere else grease might get that is a chore to clean. Makes cleanup easier. A package of small, cheap bungee cords along with a strong magnetic hook helps manage vac & grease hoses. Stronger, longer bungee cords for hanging the vac near the grease outlet or holding the cabinet door open.
    Always turn the regulator on the pump all the way down each time so it doesn't start fast by accident.
    I have a small screw extractor (easy-out) for the occasional broken zerk, small set of metric deepwell sockets to remove zerks & a machinist scribe for digging out spatter from ports with socket head screws. New zerk covers to keep them clean till next time.
    1/4" wide teflon tape or teflon pipe sealant depending on the need.
    Knee pads for us old folk with banged up knees - for those robots mounted to floor or flat plates.

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