Help for the HMI solution

  • Hello everyone, is there anybody know about any brand HMI for Fanuc R30iB robot. I have a project now, using R30iB M10i/12 robot to tend a CNC machine. we do not have cell PLC controller, so i want connect a HMI direct to robot controller. my question is which HMI and what option should be installed on R30iB controller. any suggestion would be appreciated

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  • Some time ago back I used display with SNPX communication with robot. Very easy to make application and need only ethernet cable between controller and panel. You only need A05B-2600-R553 R-30iB Softw/ HMI DEVICE(SNPX) option to robot to get it work.

    add to google search proface ge fanuc and you will found out some more information

    There are also another ways to make HMI solution to robot. But this was quite easy one :icon_smile:

  • We use RedLion HMI's with our Fanuc robots. The RedLion ties in seamlessly with the Robot's SNPX (paid option). In my experience, the RedLions are much more powerful than the other HMI's on the market as far as animations and running logic on them. On small systems, I've eliminated a PLC and done all the auxiliary controls in the HMI. I've probably done about 25 robot/RedLion systems. I'm not afiliated with RedLion, I've just had many good experiences with them.

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