Delete All TP Files

  • Hi Guys,

    I have 280 Fanuc R-J2/R-J3 robots that need all their TP and Karel programs wiped prior to plant closure. The manual states you can do a group delete of the backup files stored on FRA: but I can't find a way to group delete from the select screen.

    Has anyone got an idea to achieve this in an efficient way?

    Considered a factory reset but this leaves the robot in an unusable state.


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  • Cheers Mike,

    I tried an init start of an R-J30 in our training cell a while ago. It seemed to do more than lose mastering. It lost a majority of the menu options too. Nevertheless i'll take another look at this option.


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  • An INIT start will remove anything that was added or changed after Fanuc delivered the robot. It will be like the software was just loaded.
    Any software/hardware configurations for extended or aux axis or servo gun will be lost.

  • Ok, cheers. Most have a group 2 servo gun so I'll abandon this options. Looks like it's going to be slow and painful deleting one program at a time.

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