Background Payload Monitor

  • I would like to make a background program that monitors the selected payload.

    I have a tool with 6 different configurations (same weight different center of gravity)

    When the operator changes over the robot will know of the configuration settings
    program will look at active payload settings to determine correct active payload is selected else change to correct payload scheduled.

    Has anyone tried something like this?

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  • I'm not sure why you would need a background program for this. First, how are you going to determine the tool configuration? Once you figure that out then create a "Payload set" program that checks for that input and sets the correct payload schedule. Then just call the "Payload set" program at the beginning of your main program.

  • We will be running 6 different PNS programs. so, instead of adding unneeded logic to each program we were going to try and make just one program that would monitor it.

    We are trying to keep as much out of the robot as possible so everything can be completely controlled from PLC. freeing up more space for I/O if ever needed. (yes I know we can add more and more but then that gives maintenance more stuff to mess with)

  • We have used the MAIN approach before and i don't mind it, although there is a lot more logic to implement. We like to use PNS it makes it easier on techs to use TP to troubleshoot. The whole process behind this Idea was to just prevent having to add the logic in every PNS program and easily controllable using PLC. Its not a direction we have to take its more ov a direction we would like to take. If we could get it to work we could turn it into a base program that we would download into all new robots, making commissioning/programming go that much faster.

  • Are you using a tool changer or just un-bolting the tools. The tool changers such as the ones from ATI Industrial Automation have built in tool ID signals. You could do something with a rotary dial and have the operator set the dial to the correct position, then the robot would just look at the IO that are on to determine the tool that's active.

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