Communication between PC and KUKA IIWA

  • Hi guys,
    Recently I did a project in which I design a vision system for KUKA IIWA workcell, my vision system is based on personal computer, windows 10 and Visual Studio, the camera is Kinect2. The image from Kinect is processed in PC, and localize the desired feature, get the coordinates and send to KUKA IIWA, let KUKA know where the gripper should be to finish a pick and place demo.
    But these days I got no idea about how to make PC communicate with KUKA. As you know, KUKA uses EtherCAT communication protocol, how can I convert TCP/IP or other communication interface in my PC to EtherCAT communication protocol.
    Could you share me some experimences about the conversion?

  • Hey there,

    PC communication with the Sunrise OS is quite possible and not too bad if you are familiar with Socket programming.
    On the Java side, you will need a synchronous server up and running waiting for incoming commands from the PC. On the PC side, you will need a synchronous client that will connect to the KUKA with its IP address and a Port of 30000. Make sure that the port number is the one stated or communication via TCP/IP is not possible. The basic idea of this communication is that the PC will send strings to the KUKA, these strings will be parsed and treated as commands for the KUKA to use.

    If you have furthur questions on how to figure this out shoot me a private message, and I'd be happy to show you further

  • You can use basic UDP/TCP communication with the robot. Any java Client/Server example on the web, will work between the robot and the PC, just be sure to use ports between 30000 and 30010, have your PC and robot on the same subnet and use the X66 interface of your robot to connect it to your PC.

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