KAREL TP scripts

  • Is there a way to use KAREL to run scripts or "macros" of keystrokes to access any screens/commands/settings available on the TP? I'm thinking something similar to a macro used in Excel. KAREL commands give access to a lot of screens & commands, but not all of them. This seems it would be an easy and comprehensive method.

    I see the TPIN command in the manual to read keystrokes, but didn't see a way to write or simulate TP keystrokes.


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  • I was thinking more of KAREL "script" functionality that you could call as a subprogram.

    For example, a program that would stop BG program 1 (not sure I'd ever want to do this but it's an example....). That script would be "MENU" "6" "0" "3" "F3". Code (using TPIN signal assignments) would look like this:


    But TPOUT only has ability to turn on the 3 LEDs on the TP. Is there another approach to doing this?
    I'm guessing there are all kinds of reasons why Fanuc would not supply this functionality, but thought I'd ask...

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