Submit Interpreter failure

  • Hello All,

    I got a serious problem.

    So the problem:
    Some time in random time my KRC2 reuse Robot (KSS Version: V4.1.7 SP09 MB4.00.01), stops. Not even any failure message just stopped. When check PLC no problem with the programe, nor the Robot programe. Non of them send error message, but can't restart the programe.

    cancel the submit Interpreter, and start it back. After this everything is good and started as normally.

    Any hint what could be the problem(s)? :help:

    (I got no Picture, cause nothing seen on the communication panel.)

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  • When the robot stops, what are the states of:
    Motor Power indicator?
    Program Status indicator?
    SPS indicator?
    Override speed %?

    Please post a screenshot of the entire teach pendant screen when this stoppage occurs, before any remedial actions are taken.

  • SkyeFire, on my post I mentioned I got no Picture, but when this error Comes I will take one, and attach it.

    But I got Archive, I attach it.



      (13.32 MB, downloaded 21 times, last: )

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  • As Panic says, the robot has been stopped because the $MOV_ENABLE input has been set to False. That's an external input -- where does it come from? You need to look at why that signal would be reset. There's no reason that cancelling and re-selecting the SPS would fix this, unless your external PLC is looking for a signal that the SPS sets true when being restarted.

  • there is quite a bit of code in SPS... if the SPS stops do not deselect it, login as expert and change $interpreter to zero to see what line of code it is in.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2


    Comes from that before the maintenance team call me about the stop, they opened in the cell. That's why there is the error message.

    Please ignore that message, because that is not there when the error comes. I will ask then again if the error comes do not open the cell's door, and send me a picture.

    Anyway thanks for the advices.

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