• new to this and could use some help! I have a R J3 controller and an arc mate 120iL, every time we open the fence door or push the e-stop we get SRVO-241 chain 2 (fence) abnormal. along with SRVO- 231 chain 2 (0v) abnormal, SRVO-004 fence open, SRVO-199 control stop. my question is : could the 24vdc power supply be too small for the system. at 2.2 amps. we have one e-stop 45' away, a fence door 5' away from the controller. there are 3 prox sensors connected to the 24vdc system also. once we reset the chain fault everything runs great. any advice would be appreciated.
    thank you

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  • We faced same situation when we had our doors slightly bended and fence contact didn't go together at one time.
    And about proximity sensors - you use this 24V "safety" chain as a power for these sensors? As I have no idea how whole circuit is made, I'm just trying to guess - maybe some capacitors in sensors and their discharging can cause this error because of unstable voltage level or delayed signals because of this discharging? Anyway, If you use safety signals as a power for sensors, it really doesn't seem OK to me...


  • how do I know if they are installed correctly . I am not even sure what to look for or where in the controller to look. we moved the robot to another weld cell. the person that wired the original is no longer here and there are NO dwg's of how it was wired. where do I look ??? could really use the help!
    thank all of you for your inputl!!!!!!

  • If it's a simple, single robot cell, the wiring shouldn't be that complicated. Just make sure, that if the robot has a dual-channel safety, all the components are also dual-channel, all channels are wired and not jumpered.

  • yes it is a single robot weld cell. where do I look to see if it is connected or jumper, can you tell me what terminal block to look at

  • TBOP3 and TBOP4 on the rear side of the door panel (Panel board). The first thing you could check is jumpering these terminals (signals with ...1 to ...11, ...2 to ...21, for example EAS1 to EAS11, EAS2 to EAS21) and checking if the fault is gone. If not - there is a problem with the controller. If so - then you have to look further in the wiring.


    actually it's only TBOP4 for safety if I recall correctly.

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  • the fence door switch is connected to EAS1....EAS11, there is a jumper across EAS2....EAS21, can you tell me what type of signal this is ? 24vdc ??? because, I followed the wiring from the terminal block (TBOP4)EAS1....EAS11 to the fence door switch and found that there is no voltage connected to EAS1... TO EAS11. Where is the voltage for the signal coming form.

  • One contact of each pair has 24VDC. Both pairs are meant to be connected to a dual-channel safety device with 2 relay contacts. If the safety device is ok, its both contacts are closed and the EAS circuit is closed (1 to 11 and 2 to 21), resulting in the other contact of the pair also receiving 24VDC. Any change in the safety device's status has to occur on both contacts (channels) within a specific period of time, otherwise the chain error is posted.

    It seems that you've found the problem - EAS1-11 is connected to a safety lock and EAS2-21 is jumpered. Therefore, opening the door breaks the EAS1-11, but EAS2-21 remains closed. This is interpreted as a faulty safety circuit and causes the fault.

  • I am having a hard time following your explanation. is this is correct,... EAS1 & EAS2 will have a +24vdc then EAS11 & eas21 will have -24vdc connected to it.

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