RJ3 TP alarms

  • Hello everyone, I have just got an RJ3 controller with an Arc Mate 100i. I managed to get it set up and get most of the alarms cleared, but now I am getting 2 alarms that i can't clear. These alarms are SRVO-207 TP Switch abnormal or Door open and SYST-042 Deadman defeated. Both of these alarms point towards the teach pendent or the TP connection wire. I have 2 TP wires and tried them both, but both set off the same alarms. I am getting a new TP soon; however, if anyone could help me do some test to make sure it is the TP and not something else then that would help a ton. Thanks to anyone willing to help out.

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  • Sounds like a bad pendant. Do the faults change when switching the TP on and off?

    Here are the faults you listed and possible fixes.

    SYST-042 DEADMAN defeated
    The mode switch was changed from T1 or T2 mode to AUTO mode and the DEADMAN was already pressed. The
    DEADMAN must be released when switching to AUTO mode.

    SRVO-207 TP switch abnormal or Door open
    The EMERGENCY STOP line has been disconnected although there is no emergency stop factor.
    Replace the teach pendant.
    Replace the teach pendant cable.
    Replace the operator’s panel.
    Replace the E-Stop unit.
    Replace the servo amplifier (Doubt it could be this)

  • Both alarms come up if the teach pendant is on or off; however, when we push the TP e-stop, the SVRO-207 alarm goes away. Also, do you know of anyway to test the TP to see if it is bad. Thanks for the help.

  • Do you have the right pendant and cable? There is an R-J3 controller and an R-J3 RIA controller. The R-J3 RIA has a 2-position (Auto-T1) or 3-position mode switch (Auto-T1-T2) and uses a dual runchain to enable the safety circuits. The R-J3 does not have a mode switch and uses a single runchain. The teach pendants and TP cables are not interchangeable.

    Original part numbers are:
    R-J3 pendant is A05B-2301-C30x, cable is 2004-T284x
    R-J3 RIA pendant is A05B-2301-C37x, 2004-T411x

    Do thes numbers match up? Let us know if it's something different?
    Do you have other Fanuc robots?

  • Sorry for the late reply, just got the new pendent yesterday. I also jumped all the safety signals for the fence and external E-stops as I am not using them. Now after I made all of these jumps, it gives me the alarm SRVO--105 SVAL1 Door open or E. Stop. Could this be cause by a jumper that I don't have in. Right now I just have the controller and the robot and nothing else connected to it. Also, the numbers match up and I don't have any other robots at this moment.

  • All this signals use 24V, that could either be external or internal from the robot, if you are using internal 24V a jumper should be installed.
    It does not detect even if you jumpered e-stop and fence if you don´thave power on those lines

  • Yes, the operator box separated from the controller; however, the controller is not mounted to the robot. The door switch was jumped when I first got it, and is still jumped now.

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