6400 Arm length change

  • When changing the reach (4th axis arm length) of an IRB 6400R M2000 robot with a S4C+ control from 2.5 to 2.8m, what changes need to be made in the control to accommodate this.

    Thanks in advance for any help given. This forum has been a wealth of info.


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  • Backup. You should be able to use the same key, just do a query instead of standard and it should allow you to select the new arm length. When reloading parameters, DO NOT load your old MOC file or you will overwrite the new 2.8m parameters. Manually enter in your fine calibration numbers and change 'Cal valid?' from No to Yes.

  • Skooter, when entering the fine calibration, they would be the same values as those that are posted on the arm? Should be no change from original, right?

    Thanks all for the quick response.


  • The numbers on the sticker are valid for each axis only if a motor has not been removed. Compare calibration parameters you are currently using with the sticker and see if they match. If you do use the numbers on the sticker, always move the robot to cal. position and look at the marks. If the pendant says an axis is at 0.0 and the scale plates show it's at zero then those numbers are good. If it's off by over 3 degrees, try matching the scale plate and reset the rev. counter and the move to 0.0 again. Seen plenty of times the rev. counters were off. All this depends on the scale plates also being in their original position.

  • If you add an extension, axis 5 might be the only motor changed (maybe not for it either). Axis 4 motor probably won't change, but the extension might affect alignment. If it's the entire arm, axes 4,5, and 6 might be involved.

  • To put this in context; the robot in question was clearly factory marked as a 2.5m 200kg. unit (both on the arm as well as the control). From what I've learned from using another 6400 is that the difference between a 2.5 and a 2.8 is a cast iron extension bolted to the end of the axis 4 portion of the arm. The cabling for axes 5 and 6 are long enough from the factory that no change is needed to accomplish the change. I think ABB did this to streamline manufacturing and allow for changes in the field.

    The unit I am looking at clearly has this extension bolted in place. I believe the change was made to gain capacity only (no motor changes), so the factory calibration may still apply. I'm talking to a third party and don't have access to the original owner, so I don't know current status.

    Thanks agin for the help on this,

  • I trying to evaluate from a distance (2000 mi. away). Unit currently not under power. There may be other issues as well. I may let this one slide.


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