NACHI Program Linear to JOINT

  • Hi All,

    Can some one please tell me how to change from Linear command to joint after teaching the program.

    I am working on FD on desk. while creating program all the steps are coming in linear format.

    But I want the program in JOINT mode

    please help :respect:

    All is well

  • AD
  • MOVEX A=1, AC=0, SM=0, M1J, P, (0,90,0,0,-90,0), R=100.0, H=1, MS, CONF=0000

    MOVEX: Command

    A= Accuracy

    AC= Acceleration

    SM= Smoothness

    M1J= Mechanism number and also set the type of information in the brackets M1E for encoder, M1J for joint angles, M1X for xyzrpy

    P= Interpolation P for joint, L for linear, C1 for circle 1, C2 for circle 2

    () information that was previously set with Mechanism number, also possible to move POSE number and POSITION variable

    R= Rate in %, S in mm/s, T in time, D in deg/s

    H= Tool number

    MS= Speed master

    CONF= Configuration such as lefty/righty, above/below elbow flip/nonflip J5

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