E Stop Overcurrent

  • Hi everybody,

    I have problem with my external axis. When E stop is applied we have overcurrent fault on 7th axis.
    Are there any parameters that i can look up?
    Axis is not made by KUKA but it's using KUKA motor. Motor is MG_360_180_30_S0.
    Customer is using older version of WoV so both of the parameters circled in picture are default because it is not in catalogue.
    Thing is urgent.

    Thank you for your help

  • What is the specific fault when this happens (text AND error code)? An over-current fault on an E-Stop is... odd. I would expect a dynamic braking error, or something related to the ballast resistor.

    It may be possible to adjust the E-stop braking behavior of the E1 axis, but I don't have access to my manuals at the moment.

    Does this error occur only when E1 is moving, or does it occur even if E1 is stationary? Is it connected to the speed E1 is moving at when the E-Stop occurs?

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