Robot pedestal

  • Hello
    I have mounted the robot on a pedestal with 25 degrade angle related to the floor. It' 's the necessary to declare this somewhere in the controller? Now physically the robot base is not parallel with the floor.
    Thank you!

  • Hi. As far as I know you don't have to declare this, assuming that you are starting from scratch and don't have any programs yet.
    If you replaced the robot you would have to re-set each user frame that's used in any program.

  • It is important to set the mount angle, as it adjust the collision guard settings with regard to gravity.

    From a controlled start: Menu > Maintenance > Manual Setup
    It will then ask you a number of questions one of which is mount angle. Set it to 25 then answer the rest of the questions. Just leave the other options as the default value.
    Once done, FCTN > Cold Start

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  • The bigger question is did you buy a robot for non-0 mount? If not, be prepared to replace J1 reducer sooner then later. The robots that are not mounted parallel to the floor are physically built different.

    Hi. How do I know that my robot is "for non-0 mount"? Where can I read this?

  • There are some robots which may be mounted on the floor or at an angle and upside down, but these end somewhere at M-710iC from what I see on Fanuc website... Heavier robots are built in different specs for different mounting positions.

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