World Zones

  • Has anyone here used World Zones?

    I am trying to understand how to setup a couple of different World Zones based on robot motor angles (not the position of the TCP). Each World Zone will be an area where the robot is not allowed into. I am trying to see if using World Zones will have a quick enough response time to prevent the robot from entering 2 different areas while running in both MANUAL and AUTOMATIC modes. (In MANUAL mode, the idea is to help the programmer from accidentally jogging into a collision with part of the cell which is very difficult to see. And in AUTOMATIC mode, the idea is to prevent a collision in the event that the programmer makes a mistake.)


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  • I think your referring to safety configuration. I'm not sure you can set it with the pendant alone. I had to set ours up through robotstudio logged in as the safety user. It allows you to create zones around the robot and limitations to specific joint angles.

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  • Look up the instruction WZLimJointDef, it sounds like this will do what you need.

    It sounds like that could work, but it might end up being a bit of a hack job, depending on the actual desired use. As Jarm says, this function is covered exactly as described by BluesMatt in safemove. However, if BluesMatt doesn't have the SafeMove option, he may be forced to use WZLimJointDef.

  • We do not have SafeMove on this robot. We were told that SafeMove will not work on an IRB800.

    Studying the manual a little closer, it says:
    "If using WZLimJointDef with outside joint space (argument \Outside) together with WZLimSup then the robot is stopped as soon as one active axes with joint space supervision reaches the joint space."
    We need to monitor A1, A2, and A3 and stop the robot if these 3 axis's are at inappropriate angles all at the same time. If 1 or 2 of these axis's are at the "inappropriate" angle, the robot should not stop. Will this work?

    Building robotic welding systems.

  • Lemster:

    Have you ever tried this? How fast can the robot be moving and still leave the controller enough time to recognize the joints are in a bad place and stop the robot?

    And yes, we have one of those.

    Building robotic welding systems.

  • I used just a "normal" box shape world zone to keep a robot from hitting a fence, many years ago. I cannot recall if I tested it in auto. More recently on another installation, same thing for blocking off a building stanchion. When it comes down to it, standard servo lag time is like 90 ms, so your programmed speed matters. I don't know if you have the luxury of using slower speeds when the robot approaches those prohibited areas. Best of luck.

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