Ethernet krl

  • Dear Sir,
    I already buy KUKA Ethernet KRL. First on I need to try external computer communication with KRC4.
    I run Communication interface Ethernet KRL on external computer then press start button show "some error occur while check IP-address"
    My question is when I test communication use "Communication interface Ethernet KR" is need both side open this software "computer and KRC4"?

    Best Regards,

    Cherub Lee

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  • That mistake is because your computer IP is not set correctly.
    If you need to communication, see Doc folder inside package, there is a sample program and documentation.

  • Dear ss.sun,
    I follow KUKA KUKA.EthernetKRL 2.2 manual STEP 7 examples

    7 Examples
    7.1 Application examples
    Overview EthernetKRL comprises application examples which can be used to establish
    communication between a server program and the robot controller. The software
    can be found in the directory DOC\Example on the CD supplied.
    The software consists of the following components:
    7.1.1 Implementing application examples
    Precondition External system:
     Windows operating system with .NET Framework 3.5 or higher installed
    Robot controller:
     “Expert” user group
     Operating mode T1 or T2
    Procedure 1. Copy the server program onto an external system.
    2. Copy all SRC files into the directory C:\KRC\ROBOTER\Program of the robot
    3. Copy all XML files into the directory C:\KRC\ROBOTER\Config\User\
    Common\EthernetKRL of the robot controller.
    4. Start the server program on the external system.
    5. Press the menu button. The Communication Properties window appears.
    6. Only if several network interfaces are available at the external system: Enter
    the number of the network adapter (= network card index) used for
    communication with the robot controller.
    7. Close the Communication Properties window and press the Start button.
    The IP address available for communication is displayed in the message
    8. Set the displayed IP address of the external system in the desired XML
    7.1.2 Server program user interface
    Description The server program enables the communication between an external system
    and the robot controller to be tested by establishing a stable connection to the
    robot controller.
    The server program has the following functions:
     Sending and receiving data (automatically or manually)
     Displaying the data received
     Displaying the data sent
    Fig. 7-

    I can't manual set IP address. Please help me to find possible problem.

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