Custom ICondition to monitor commands arriving over Ethernet

  • Hi,

    My question is related to the question "Creating software ICondition for Kuka LBR iiwa".

    I would like to break off a motion on receipt of an Ethernet message from an external pc (e.g. through ROS), or maybe when a separate background application wants to stop the motion.
    As far as I can see, there is no builtin condition for this, so I would like some information on how I can implement a custom break condition.


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  • I think software condition is not the purpose of ICondition mechanism because the conditions provide the chance to monitor the robot/controller hardware status(Torque/Force/Joint position/IO and so on) and to make decisions(like 'breakwhen') directly at the real-time OS, rather than to cost a bit long time to go back to the rapi app layer to respond.

  • I can accept that ICondition might not be the best mechanism to achieve it.
    However, your reply does not really provide an answer to my post (only to my topic title): I want to break a move action based on a custom, software decision, and so I am looking for help in how to achieve this.
    From the API I could find, ICondition would seem my best bet, but maybe there are better solutions...


  • I haven't found a good solution to fix your issue.
    But in some cases you can maintain motion containers and cancel the motion by container in the callback of you message receiving.

    // Cancel a motion
    IMotionContainer c = lbr.moveAsync(motion);


    // Cancel all queued motions
    SunriseExecutionService ses = (SunriseExecutionService) lbr.getController().getExecutionService();

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