System Jobs and Ladder Problem

  • Dear all at the forum,

    I need to control the speed of the robot (DX200) at all times, in a continuously variable fashion. I want to feed the robot with an analog input, and proportionally to that input make the robot alter its speed (whatever the mov instruction speed is).
    The idea is to let the robot do its job normally but, as soon as certain input from the process itself measured for instance by menas of a sensor, reaches some limit, make the robot decrease its speed proportionaly. Lets say 4-20mA sensor input. If the robot reads 4mA speed is unaffected, but it will decrease proportionally its speed from 100% to 50% as the input goes from 4 to 20 mA.
    With system job I think its easy, but with ladder, would anybody give me some ideas? Is this possible?

    Many thanks in advance.!! :icon_smile:

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