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  • The Remote PC iPendant option allows you to use Background Edit from your PC. You know you have it if there is a "Navigate iPendant" link on the robots webpage. Not to be confused with "monitor iPendant" which is a view only.

  • Is there any way to edit TP programs online. This saving and editing in Notepad++ is getting old quick.

    I don't use one myself, but I've seen setups of tools like Total Commander that allow you to mount the FTP server on the robot controller locally as a directory.

    For controllers with ASCII upload this then becomes really easy, as opening the .ls file is basically a matter of pressing enter. Saving then uploads the changed file.

    Perhaps that is something to look into.

  • I do this by using the robot's FTP server, and the inbuilt ftp browser in UltraEdit.

    You can do it a bit on the cheap with two programs however, such as filezilla and any text editor. Right click open on the file in filezilla, then make changes in your text editor, filezilla will detect the change and ask you if you would like to upload the changes. Hit yes, and if you had no errors it will take. If the robot rejects the program, download and see why.

    Couple of caveats with this method though:
    You cannot edit a program that is selected, the robot will reject any uploads if that is the case.
    Same goes for if the program is displayed on the TP in any screen.
    Same goes for any program currently in the stack if the robot is running or paused.
    The robot deletes the program it sees incoming before running the ASCII translator on it. So if your translation fails, and you delete your local copy, the program is gone, so make backups.
    You will need the ASCII upload option in the robot.

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  • It sounds like you have it if you are saving and loading programs with edits from notepad++. Unless you are compiling the programs before hand.

    Otherwise you will have to buy it from Fanuc.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

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