Contact Tip change

  • Hello,
    I'm studing a way to create an alarm to stop the robot and notify the operator to change the contact tip.
    I'm think to one register to add the value ot arc open time, but where is these time?
    Anyone can help to find these value/variable/register to pu in a job before the torch cleaner operation.
    Or if this is more easy please coment bellow.

    Best Regards :yesyesyes:

    Rafael Schroer

    Motoman & ABB OLP Programmer

  • AD
  • You will have to edit the CIO. You can use the arc established signal to trip a counter, please remember the counters only count down. Once the counter hits zero you can use that result bit to make a user alarm to come on. You can reset the counter with a key switch or a combination of in teach and the gate is open and the cycle start is pressed for 5 seconds.

    Then again, if you don't trust your employees to change the contact tip when they are supposed to they are just going to reset the counter without changing the tip.


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