• every time i press the enable button in the wrong way i need to restart the controller in order to get the "i" insted of the "o" in t1 and t2

    how can i solve this problem without restarting the controller?

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  • [size=1em]what is the wrong way?

    if enabling switch is not on, drive icon can be [/size]"O" or "I" ... but letter does not matter... it will be gray.
    if you press enabling switch, and everything is ok, it will turn green and drives are on.
    if you press too much, "I" will change to "O" (gray). just release then press again.

    do you get any messages? when you click on drive icon, window will open up with buttons "I", "O" and four indicators. what do they show?

  • Hm... does squeezing the deadman too hard create a situation where the special "safety reset input" is required? I never use that option, but it's the only thing that comes to mind for a situation like this that might be clearable by rebooting the KRC.

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