AW8010 error at start controller

  • Hi everyone. I have a trouble with panarobo AW8010. When I start the controller appears an error in the CRT display: (see attachments)


    Im stuck on this display, i cant move within menus.

    Any idea?.Can i reset the memory of controller?

    many thanks in advance.

    Sorry for my english

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  • Note: the change I am being right with this answer is very slim, I have not seen this robot anymore in the last 7 years, especially the error number is unknown to me right now.

    A calculation error can be generated by an error in circle or weave motion programming.
    If this is the cause of the error press CLR (clear) on the TP, then the monitor will give you a message "start from the beginning" you have to confirm with "yes".
    You then will be back in the progam which caused the error, the part of the program which caused the error is deleted, close the program and your robot will start-up again.
    I will monitor this conversation and if you did not recieve a better answer within aboud three weeks I will investigate further when I am back at the ofiice where I still may have (?) a AW8010 manual.

    best regards,

  • I doubt it is a mistake
    Thanks for your answer.

    The problem is that the robot is stuck in these error at start, I cant move whitin menus and any funtion buttons change this state.I doubt it is a error of a circular or weave move.

    As new when i tying: (view attachments)

    --Setting the Switches 6,7 & 8 ZUEP 52903 board ON, the display show other display. That show the following message " directory error, attempt to clear memory"

    --pusing the button APR (in the board) when controller is starting the robot enter in debugger mode.

    I need a way out of this state. If anyone knows a way to reset,clear all memory, reset firmware,ect I would be grateful.

    robotwelder2 can you send me a technical manual?. I would be very grateful. My email is


  • Yea, I already stated I would not be right.
    My offer still stands, I will be back in the office in about three weeks.
    I will check if I still have a manual, if so I will scan it and mail it to you.

  • You need load backup file for robot. It will work

    The menu to load a backup its not available. I cant move whitin menus, In each of the error states, the funtions buttons dont do anythink, excepts in the debugger menu, that i can write comands.

  • Dariobot,
    I'am sorry to say but my scedule has changed, it will be two more weeks until I will be in the office, i did not forget about you!
    best regards,

  • Hi everyone, i am having a problem with an aw8010 robot, when i power on, the CRT display is normal, i turn on the sevor, the RT ABS encoder error, i did all the way but still not got it Who knows help me, thanks

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